Ridgefield School District honors February employee and students of the month


Employee of the Month

Michelle Lindbo, paraeducator, Union Ridge Elementary School

Paraprofessional Michelle Lindbo, February’s employee of the month, has deep roots in the community and is actively involved in the Cispus student camp, according to a school district press release. She received praise for being a “team player,” her “positive attitude” and her desire to understand and connect with students. “Her passion for meeting students where they are and helping them grow from that point highlights a student-centered approach, showing that she values each individual’s journey and development,” the press release stated.

Students of the Month

Olivia Snoderly, preschool, Early Learning Center

Olivia Snoderly consistently demonstrates what it means to be an Early Learning Center Tater Tot, the press release stated. She was noted for her joy of learning, enthusiasm for exploring the wonders of the world around her and being a dedicated friend. She is an example of kindness and empathy, according to her teachers. “Olivia is always kind to others and always ready to learn. She shows her classmates how to share and has so much patience for them. She is a big helper in class and is always smiling,” her teachers said.

Connor Abston, kindergarten, South Ridge Elementary School

Connor Abston was recognized for being compassionate, respectful and trustworthy, according to the press release. “He is so joyful and is always eager to cheer up a friend and lend a helping hand. He is polite and kind to all students and adults at school,” his teachers said. Abston was praised for his resilience in and outside of the classroom, always being up for a challenge and never giving up. Abston has been recognized by many staff members for his positive behavior at school, the press release stated.

Rex Manning, first grade, Union Ridge Elementary School

Rex Manning was acknowledged for being a wonderful member of his classroom and school community. “He consistently demonstrates a growth mindset and challenges himself to reach new heights. He approaches his work with his best effort, always giving it his all,” his teachers said. Manning was praised for his leadership skills and for being helpful to his classmates. His teachers acknowledged Manning for his natural curiosity and ability to think outside the box.

Sebastian Bermudez, sixth grade, Sunset Ridge Intermediate School

Sebastian Bermudez’s teachers praised him for being one of a kind. “He is funny, creative, thoughtful and respectful. He works so hard and takes pride in doing his best. Even when things are difficult, he perseveres and shows his resilience, consistently,” his teachers said. Bermudez’s teachers acknowledged his talent applying his knowledge to new learning. This year has been great for Sebastian, according to the press release. His self-confidence has grown tremendously, which has produced exponential academic growth, according to his teachers.

Angel Euyoque, eighth grade, View Ridge Middle School

Angel Euyoque’s teachers agree that he is a wonderful student who comes to school prepared to learn, the press release stated. “Angel is a wonderful art student! His creativity and hard work really shine in class. He is open and willing to try any art medium and truly enjoys creating. I have had the pleasure of having Angel for both his seventh and eighth grade years at View Ridge. I have seen so much growth in confidence, talent and soul,” Michelle Hankins, Euyoque’s art teacher, said. His other teachers praised his helpfulness, humor and ability to listen.

Jonathan Kline, eighth grade, Wisdom Ridge Academy

Jonathan Kline received honors for being a straight-A student for three semesters in a row. “His written work is thoughtful, engaging, funny and very persuasive. His math work is astounding, and he is so much fun to be around,” his teacher Lindsay Robblee said. Jonathan visits Wisdom Ridge Academy regularly, wearing his pressed slacks and dress shirt, along with a nice tie, the press release stated. Kline is proud that he has developed the discipline to consistently keep his grades up and stay ahead of his assignment due dates, according to the press release.

Julian Aguilar-Mendoza, 12th grade, Ridgefield High School

While Julian Aguilar-Mendoza has only been a Spudder for five months, he’s made quite an impact, the press release stated. While some may see moving to a new school their senior year as a challenge, it’s been the opposite for Aguilar-Mendoza. His teachers praised him for being driven, persistent, diligent and responsible. “Julian was the first senior to complete his High School and Beyond plan. Additionally, he has asked for guidance in job interview skills and is determined to continually be the best he can be by asking for help to achieve his goals,” said Tamara Hoodenpyl, from the College and Career Center. Aguilar-Mendoza said his role model is his dad for his ability to face challenges head-on and push through hard times. Aguilar-Mendoza also mentioned two teachers who have influenced him this year: Christopher Shipp, for helping him plan for the future, and Dave Trujillo, for never letting students settle for less than their capabilities. After graduation, he intends to pursue an apprenticeship program in hopes of becoming a lineman.