Reprise Choir Sings presents piano concert fundraiser


Reprise Choir Sings will present a piano concert, performed by co-directors April Duvic and Janet Reiter-Galbraith at 3 p.m., Sunday, May 5, at Vancouver First United Methodist Church, 401 E. 33rd St., Vancouver.

Donations are not required for concert entry, but a $20 donation is suggested.

Proceeds from the concert will benefit Reprise Choir Sings and the organization’s goal of providing Clark County with high-quality choral music in collaboration with student musicians.

Duvic and Reiter-Galbraith will sing two duets and perform several four-hand piano duets. Duvic and Reiter-Galbraith will also perform vocal and piano solos during the concert.

For more information, or to donate online, visit