Not providing for children’s future is failure


    I am not an expert on politics, by any means, but I don’t think I need to be an expert to know that when you do not  provide adequate services that feed into the lives of our future generations, relinquishing their sense of hope for a successful future, where they know that they have the ability to give to the next generation, then we have failed.

    How does deferring adequate education services to our children help our overall future? Do not be fooled by the idea that we can starve this generation of opportunities and then make up for it in the future for the following generation. Our future is now. Continuing to cut back on programs and services that benefit our future citizens is not smart in any way, no matter how you put it. If your vote does not benefit our kids, providing the doors for their success, then it does not benefit anyone!

    I, too, at times found myself blinded by judgment of what parents should or should not do when pertaining to their children but, I quickly learned that we need to love that child more than we disliked their parent’s choices. Let us keep judgments to God and give our kids a fighting chance.

    Vote yes on the school bonds that provide our children adequate accommodations for learning.

    Vote yes on early learning programs that give our kids the head start needed to compete in their future endeavors that benefit our country.

    Vote yes on providing adequate financing for higher learning students.

    Vote yes on our state Apple Health program for kids that keep them healthy and ready to learn.

    Vote yes-yes-yes to providing all future leaders a safe, healthy and beneficially educational future.

Suirna Nash