Museum in Amboy hosting Native American Heritage Month program


North Clark Historical Museum is hosting a Native American program and exhibit at 2 p.m. Nov. 18. The museum is located at 21416 NE 399th St. in the renovated 1910 United Brethren Church. The guest speaker is local Native American historian Jeff Smith, who will exhibit select objects from his collection of artifacts. According to a press release, Smith has had a lifelong interest in Indigenous people, in particular those who lived in the North Clark County area. After his presentation, Smith will answer questions from the audience. The museum will also exhibit replicas of button blankets and other Northwest Coast art.

The doors will be open at Noon. Refreshments will be served in the basement after the program. The event is free, although donations are welcome. The event is wheelchair accessible.

For more information, contact North Clark Historical Museum at 360-247-5800 or muse