Metal Art Fever creates patio privacy screens from steel


Metal Art Fever makes its steel creations out of the Amboy area and is a majority family-owned and operated business.

The business, which specializes in handcrafted metal decorations for the home and garden, is run by Michael and Joe Wisniewski, and Phil Dunphy.

Metal Art Fever got its start through trade shows up and down the West Coast with typical metal signs and has since expanded into providing high end privacy screens for its customers.

The privacy screens can include a two-foot-by-six-foot steel screen, or can feature multiple six-foot-by-two-foot screens that feature expansive art like the “tree of life.” 

To make the creations, the design is drawn up, plugged into a computer and then the CNC plasma table goes to work. While that may seem simple, the in-depth process starts with the brainstorming of ideas. The business then transitions to drawing, which takes numerous hours before it can be inputted into the computer. After inputting the design, the CNC plasma table cuts the steel into the artwork, which is then photographed and posted on social media, Etsy and their website.

Along with creating their own designs, Metal Art Fever also takes in custom design requests.

Joe Wisniewski said they gauge requests from their customers.

“We’ll kind of look into that kind of stuff and just kind of use our customers’ feedback for where we want to venture off,” he said.

The typical cost for a six-foot by-two-foot privacy screen runs about $350, according to Joe Wisniewski.

Metal Art Fever handles shipping out of a warehouse in Longview. For local orders, customers can pick up their items from the warehouse.

Since the products are manufactured in Amboy and the warehouse is in Longview, Joe Wisniewski hopes to house the operation under one roof in the future. He said that would free up some time, which could lead to more products and a faster process.

Future product plans include using a higher quality steel that will have a longer life span in the elements to panels that will be designed to have plant life grow on them.

Currently, Metal Art Fever has a flurry of yard decorations, privacy screens and garden columns. Their garden decor section of the website includes hundreds of options from Bigfoot to 37 different designs of Christmas decor and 41 different smaller-sized privacy screens.

More information and products can be found online at

Metal Art Fever can also be found on Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook under their business name. They can be contacted by email at metalart or by phone at 360-904-4771.