Local esthetician helps clients achieve healthier skin with customized facials


Smoothing skin, reducing scarring and lightening hyperpigmentation are all common benefits of the facials that Battle Ground esthetician Nora Tubbs offers at Finesse Beauty Bar in Battle Ground.

Tubbs consults with new clients about their skin care goals before beginning treatment.

The goal of a facial is to exfoliate, hydrate and treat skin conditions, Tubbs said. Treatments are customized to customers’ needs.

Removing dead skin cells is critical for healthy-looking skin, Tubbs said.

“When you’re sloughing off those dead skin cells, it forces your skin to increase the cell metabolism,” Tubbs said. “You get that pinker, fresher, healthier glow.”

When a client comes to Tubbs, she assesses their skin condition. Though a lot of information can be gathered from touching the skin, she also asks them questions about their lifestyle. Being outdoors in the sun can damage the skin, while drinking plenty of water can reduce wrinkling and improve skin health, Tubbs said.

Facials can be performed in many ways. Tubbs uses a variety of masks, such as peels, gels, scrubs or traditional clay and mud. The type of mask depends on how much exfoliation, hydration or calming the client’s skin needs.

Tubbs offers two types of facials: classic and flash. Classic lasts approximately an hour and includes a neck, shoulder, arm, hand and facial massage. Flash takes half the time and only includes the arm and hand massage.

“Some people like to be touched, and so they like the full-experience facial, the neck and the shoulder massage, which comes with an arm and hand massage,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs also offers add-ons. One, ultrasound, is a steaming machine with a blue LED light that targets acne and fine lines. It also uses ultrasound technology to remove blackheads and exfoliate skin. Another, hydro-exfoliation uses high-pressure water to exfoliate, deep clean and hydrate the skin, Tubbs said.

“So it sprays on the hydration, and then it just sucks the dead skin cells out,” Tubbs said. “I have a lot of requests for that one because your skin just feels so refreshed and so clean.”

Tubbs considers a client’s health in her consultations. People with skin conditions should consult their doctors before receiving a facial, Tubbs said.

“Estheticians, you know, our training is not the same as being a dermatologist,” Tubbs said. “When you have something systemic, you should speak to either your general practitioner or dermatologist and find out what they recommend.”

Tubbs can perform facials on clients with eczema, but the service will focus more on hydration rather than exfoliation.

Clients undergoing cancer treatment should also consult their doctor before receiving a facial because some of her massage offerings press around on lymphatic tissue, Tubbs said.

Though facials can improve skin health, Tubbs highlighted the importance of using sunscreen despite Washington’s gray and cloudy weather. Even if it’s cloudy, radiation from the sun still  damages skin. Besides staying hydrated, wearing moisturizing sunscreen with a sun protection factor in it is the most effective way to keep skin healthy, Tubbs said.

“Most people want a really simple skincare regimen,” she said.

To learn more about Finesse Beauty Bar, 315 W. Main St., Battle Ground, visit finessebeau tybar.com.