Letter to the editor: Why would Gluesenkamp Perez, other Democrats, vote to keep vaccine mandates?


Back when the pandemic first began, as Americans, we were willing to give everyone in D.C. the benefit of the doubt because the whole world didn’t know what we were dealing with yet.

As Americans, we were told to stay in our houses and social distance while we take two weeks to “flatten the curve” and try to figure out what’s happening. A majority of Americans and the world had more questions than answers, so we went along with it. However, two weeks quickly turned into two months and then, well, we know where we ended up.

The whole pandemic was about control and taking our freedoms away as American citizens.

The vaccine roll-out was part of this control plan. We now know children and young adults, which are some of the healthiest populations, weren’t in danger of dying even with a COVID-19 diagnosis, but children were bullied into getting the jab anyway. Why?

According to Dr. Naomi Wolf, a young woman’s reproductive system is changed forever with a multitude of seen and unforeseen issues after receiving the shot. Women are also at high-risk for miscarriages where the shot is considered. What about all of these young athletes and young people collapsing or dying in their sleep?

While evidence is still being gathered on these things I’ve mentioned it sure makes you ask the question why Marie Gluesenkamp Perez and the rest of the Democrats would vote to keep the vaccine mandates. Please ask yourself these questions in 2024.

Carley Meuchel,