Letter to the editor: What shame on all of you


Dear Rep. Herrera Beutler,

Can you explain to me why the only  Republican attendees at the Jan. 6 commemoration were Liz Cheney and her father? Why would any member of Congress refuse to participate in this non-partisan event, including you, Rep. Buetler?  Was the moment to share the experiences of that horrid day not important to any of you? Did not the deaths, injuries, and destruction from that day move any of you ? And if it did, who or what kept you, or the other Republicans away? What shame on all of you.

Rich Raitano,

La Center


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  • 49ernorm

    Maybe it was because the only real death was unarmed Ashley Babbitt which no one wants to talk about?

    Wednesday, January 19 Report this

  • liberalsbane

    Non-partisan event????? The Jan. 6th partisan investigation engineered by House Speaker Pelosi is in league with all the infamous failed impeachment schemes launched against President Trump. The only recorded death was an unarmed female veteran who was shot by a capitol police officer without warning. Her death remains unexplained and unaccounted for. Get your facts straight Rich.

    Saturday, January 22 Report this