Letter to the editor: We find ourselves in a battle between good and evil


These are uncertain times. 

I believe that there is both good and evil and that both can be a thing. As a thing, they both have power.

I also believe that there is a God. I believe that God has a plan, and that plan is unknowable and therefore because of that, uncertain.

Uncertainty breeds confusion, and in confusion, evil as a thing, thrives. Evil can only prevail when good, as a thing, does nothing. Evil is infectious and spreads rapidly because of its very nature, and when given power, consumes all. Good is profoundly lazy by nature. Good only does the bare minimum needed to get the job done and then slumbers while evil, like a weed, returns.

I argue that evil will soon have full control of our government, our media, and our nation. That relying on good to do good is a farce as good only cares about doing good when forced into action. A good example of such was when America joined the fight in War World II. Good was forced into action and therefore acted and then promptly, upon the conclusion of that war, went back to sleep.

We as individuals can do good on our own, but we independently lack the power to wake up good. That inescapable fact was made evident to all over the last nine months and especially over the last two as evil was fed even more power by a corrupted media machine. Now that evil has prevailed and is in full control over our lives, it will grow even more powerful and those who serve it, more evil. With each passing day we see evil expanding its reach, spreading out like a cancer consuming a healthy body, as good continues to slumber. 

There is no rosy message of hope here, folks. Hope as a thing has been effectively banned by the evil of identity politics, social justice, cancel culture, and the outrage mob. It is safe to say that “hope” has left the building and moved out of town to avoid evil and the cities set ablaze by it. 

However, you and I are stuck here, we cannot move. So we must endure evil until good finally wakes up, takes note and acts. And sadly, as we have observed, that is unlikely to happen. Good moves at the pace of an ice flow in winter, and let there be no mistake, it's winter. Sadly for all, it’s going to be a very long winter as well. We are firmly entrenched within uncertain times and evil is taking full advantage.

If you disagree, so be it. You are free to go “peacefully protest” in Portland right alongside Antifa, the “useful idiots” of evil.



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