Letter to the Editor: Vote to improve Ridgefield school facilities



Many folks are flocking to Ridgefield, often because they want good schools for their children. Ridgefield teachers and programs have good reputations, and justly. Teachers care deeply about students and their learning. Now we are at a point of overflowing our buildings.

Ridgefield teachers are currently doing a yeoman’s job of managing teaching and assessing under less-than-ideal conditions. Some classes meet in what had formerly been physical education spaces. Many classes are held in portables with no lavatory facilities. Imagine the increased creativity and energy teachers could bring to classes in appropriate facilities.

Ridgefield School District needs the April 23 propositions to pass. With the endorsement of voters, builders are ready to build on already-purchased land with already-designed plans.

There can be one building and improvements by fall 2025, more by 2026.

Passage of bond propositions currently requires a 60% majority of voters. Past votes have been over 58% but under the needed 60%. Every single vote matters! Please use yours to help improve education in our community.

Howard Rubenstein