Letter to the editor: Trump should be removed from office


The actions Jan. 6 by President Trump were an attempt to undermine our democratic process by obstructing our lawful electoral process as set forth in the constitution. 

He used his position as president to incite a mob for the purpose of fomenting a coup d'etat. Make no mistake had we seen those actions in some other country it would have been labeled a “coup attempt.”

Regardless of the short time he has left in office, he must be removed immediately. He poses an obvious, serious threat to the safety and security of our nation and its citizens. His actions caused four people to die Jan. 6. Our elected officials must hold him accountable as well as those seditious senators and representatives who were also complicit in attempting to subvert our lawful election.

This is not about "taking the high road or compromise." It is about holding leadership accountable for their actions, which were reprehensible and terribly dangerous. 

This  is truly a seminal moment in the history of this country. The senate and Congress must stand for America and the constitution they took an oath to uphold. 



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