Letter to the editor: Support our great schools in Hockinson and join me in voting yes


We founded the Citizens for Hockinson Schools organization in 2021 to support the schools, and more importantly, it is dedicated to the success of students.

Our first goal is to educate the community on the facts of how a school is funded and the importance of passing the levy in Hockinson.

As a parent of two students of Hockinson schools, I am writing this letter to encourage support for the Hockinson School District’s levy, which will be on the ballot in February.

In my view, there is no better investment for a community than public education as it benefits us all and builds a better future for our young people. Well funded schools also help increase home values, therefore those with no students in the district still benefit from levy dollars.

The levy on the ballot is a replacement of the current levy which expires at the end of the year. This makes it even more critical because it is required for the continuation of teacher positions and programs that are fundamental to our student’s basic education.

Please support our great schools in Hockinson and join me in voting yes.

Simon Soot,

Brush Prairie