Letter to the Editor: Ridgefield success shouldn’t be measured by statistics



Responding to a recently published opinion in The Reflector from Mr. Bredstrand: Some of his statistics do not line up with ones I found at Neilsberg.com. I was disappointed to see how Mr. Bredstrand framed those in leadership positions in Ridgefield by data points and the recent change on the City Council.

Ridgefield is a community that has enjoyed steady, passionate and committed leadership for years. We ought not to measure our success by statistics but by community investment and involvement, quality of life and the overwhelming satisfaction people in Ridgefield have in their community.

If not for all the “old-school era” folks, we would not have what we have now. Further, they have not stood in the way of progress, rather, they have been a part of moving Ridgefield forward. One does not have to have an elected seat or be a part of some demographic to make a difference here in Ridgefield, as many of our community groups can attest.

Let’s move Ridgefield forward while not framing a problem where there is none. This is Ridgefield the way life should be.

Tana Aichele