Letter to the Editor: Railroad could carry hazardous materials



On the heels of national news that shows that railroad operators around the country want to reduce safety regulations, even in the face of the derailment at East Palestine, Ohio, the county’s public works liaison, who handles all the county railroad issues, admits that the county is upgrading the railroad so it can carry hazardous materials from Chelatchie to Vancouver.  Not only does the rail line run along the East Fork of the Lewis River, but it goes through the heart of downtown Battle Ground and the heart of residential neighborhoods in central Clark County, especially those in the Brush Prairie area.

If you live near the railroad, now is the time to contact your elected representatives because if you do not, the county is “on track” to let commercial operators carry hazardous materials through your backyard, rtands.com/freight/shortline-regional/for-chelatchie-praire-railroad-a-4-7mm-upgrade.

Janet Kelly

Friends of Central Vancouver

Cedar 49 Resident