Letter to the editor: Policy is the only sound cause to fight against racism, bullying in schools


I was recently looking at political issues plaguing our country today and learned about a group of racist high schoolers at Washougal High School. During a volleyball match, there was a clothing event in which students were requested to show up in all black in support of the volleyball team. 

Some students, blatantly disregarded social norms in an attempt to make a racist joke in which they would wear full black, while covering their face in black, therefore, committing blackface. Blackface of course is a common racial topic in which people who are not Black wear dark tones on their faces to mimic their features. This is, of course, blatantly racist and disgusting. 

Furthermore, this is only one topic in which a greater issue overarching the Washougal HighSchool in which students are commonly bullied for their race. 

This bullying is not only physical but mental as they are ridiculed with slurs and other derogatory terms. I write this note to you, in hopes that by bringing attention to a greater issue within schools today, an effect may be made which may bring about a change of policy. 

So far, policy is the only sound cause to fight against racism and bullying within schools, as it has obviously been presented that people will not simply use the good intentions of human nature to overcome their racist intentions. Thank you for your time.

David Yanchuk, 

Battle Ground