Letter to the editor: Opinion page is not the place to learn about COVID or vaccines


There are two back-to-back letters on Feb. 22 that created such a “miasma of misinformation,” specifically about COVID vaccines, that I felt the need to respond. I will limit myself and focus on the highlights, or the lowlights in this instance.

The first letter mentioned a Dr. Naomi Wolf as the source of a statement of harm to the reproductive health of young women after getting a vaccine shot. My research showed that Dr. Wolf earned her doctorate in English literature, and is described as an author, political consultant and conspiracy theorist.

I have also not seen her name on any published medical studies. She is likely to be intelligent but would not know much more about the human reproductive systems than you or I would. The use of “Dr.” before a name is often used to give validation to statements that are most often untrue. This calls into question the truth of “other facts” stated in the letter.

The second letter offers us a true statement, “that the vaccines do not prevent virus transmission.” However, that is not the function of a vaccine. These are designed to help prevent infection, reduce the risk of serious illness and death to the vaccinated.

Vaccines are not perfect and their protection wanes over time, so boosters are needed. The natural immunity the disease gives us does protect us but is not superior. Studies show this protection actually wanes faster than that acquired via the COVID vaccine.

I hesitate to say what is next. Not only do I give you my opinion, but I will give you my advice as well. The opinion page is definitely not the place to learn about COVID or vaccines. I believe that John Hopkins University is a great source of COVID information if you would like to learn more. I will conclude by congratulating Ms. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez on her recent victory and letting you know that I will be getting my fourth booster next week.

Darrell Anderson,

Battle Ground


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  • HonestJoe

    Lying awake at night knowing you made the wrong choices, yet blaming viewpoints of citizens shared on a small circulation newspaper on misinformation?

    You want us to stay loyal to the CDC, and WHO as trusted sources?

    Tick, tock, the clock is ticking. People no longer believe official narratives.

    Look at the declining readership and audiences for corrupts outlets like the Washington Post or NPR, or MSNBC.

    The Liberal Pipedream is OVER.

    Tuesday, March 7 Report this

  • HonestJoe

    Oh, enjoy your 4th booster, Darrel! I hope you live long and prosperous, and your loved ones can look back at your wisdom as a guiding force in their future.

    Tuesday, March 7 Report this

  • JoannaA_WA

    You do realize the drug that is being used is still the experimental drug, that was developed quickly and with questionable side effects and efficacy.. The FDA approved drug is not available!! But by all means, continue with your boosters on a regular basis. I refuse to take an experimental drug that doesn't stop transmission of the virus nor does it stop the illness lol so how did the unvaxxed kill grandma??? common sense is not so common any more...

    Friday, March 10 Report this

  • LouiisB

    The vaccines for polio and diphtheria were designed to prevent infection and inoculate the recipient from those diseases. But it's not really about the COVID vaccines, it's about the mandates. I would defend your right to have a 4th, 5th or 25th COVID vaccine, as I would defend the right of others to not have the vaccines. There are, and have been many myths and untruths spread about the COVID vaccines, and some of them have come from the CDC. COVID has been used widely to advance political agendas that have nothing to due with COVID, and more to do with power and authority.

    Thursday, March 16 Report this

  • gzuckier

    "You do realize the drug that is being used is still the experimental drug, that was developed quickly and with questionable side effects and efficacy.. The FDA approved drug is not available!! "

    If you're talking about the Pfizer Covid vaccine, that is false. Look at the FDA site.

    Sunday, March 26 Report this