Letter to the editor: One of many reasons to impeach President Biden


The Biden administration is incompetent and full of corruption in every department.  President Joe Biden continues to lie on almost everything that goes on in his administration. 

The John Durham report which was just released, stating the FBI is corrupt and worked with Democrats to destroy President Donald Trump. It was all made up by Hillary Clinton,  Barrack Obama and Vice President Biden. This was election interference.

This handcuffed the Trump presidency. Then, in the 2020 election, the CIA and FBI helped write a letter to help Biden in the first debate to debunk the now corrupt Hunter Biden laptop.  This laptop was real and now we know the Biden crime family has been selling access to the White House for years in exchange for policies that favor countries like China, Ukraine, Russia and Romania.

The Bidens set up shell companies and transfer money to most members of his family and President Biden himself. Over $10 million was transferred illegally.  This is one of many reasons to impeach the president.

The other reasons are not protecting Americans from open borders. Millions of illegal aliens crossing our border every month bring in drugs, human trafficking and terrorists. This is a danger to U.S. citizens and a danger to our society. Every decision Biden makes, makes our country worse and costs American lives. The failure of the withdrawal from Afghanistan,  the economic destruction, the lawlessness in our cities and dividing the people against each other. This president needs to be impeached. We cannot last another two years. What has this administration done to better Americans lives? My answer: nothing. 

James Kissee,

Battle Ground