Letter to the editor: New party name should be considered


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the name Republican. Republic is defined as a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch, and in which power resides with citizens entitled to vote and exercised by elected representatives responsible to them and governing according to the law.

The current Republican party indicates a desire for an authoritarian leader. Since a monarch is just an old term for an authoritarian leader, this confuses me. That second part about “power resides with citizens entitled to vote” makes me wonder why, in states all over the nation, Republicans are working on legislation making it more difficult for American citizens to vote.  Based on the big lie, they call this voter “security.” For the rest of us that means voter “suppression.” It also appears that some Republicans were ignoring that last part about “governing according to the law” when they attacked the capital on Jan. 6.

My last point is this: The name “republic-an” no longer fits their current beliefs, and the news indicates a return to traditional conservative values may not happen any time soon, so a new party name should be considered. I am just not sure what that name should be. 


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