Letter to the Editor: Kent cares about the border situation



Increasingly on a daily basis, 10,000 people, many who are young men, illegally cross our borders. They are not the typical poor, starving Hispanic from Mexico or Central America. There are now 170 countries represented in the invasion we are experiencing — mostly young, single, military age men, not the families we’ve been told about. At this point, illegals are now allowed in with no ID, no testing for disease or any of the normal ways of selection, but instead are given free phones, free money and then shipped free into parts unknown within the U.S. The border control agents are now Expedia or Travelocity. Shockingly, who this helps most is the drug cartels bringing in young girls for sex slavery, fentanyl, criminals, etc.

Many of them are shepherded by non-governmental organizations — those organizations that receive money from the government and then, in turn, launder it back to government officials to keep the money flowing. At this point, one might understand that we are no longer a country.  Countries have borders, a shared language, shared traditions, shared values, etc. None of this is happening with the present illegal flooding at the border.

Sadly, Ms. Gluesenkamp Perez does not represent the people of this country or the traditions of the country. She seems quite unconcerned regarding the consequences of lawlessness.  New York City and Chicago have seen an incredible surge of illegals. Will Clark County be next? In fact, she can be quoted as saying, “ … nobody stays awake at night worrying about the southern border …” Many of the border patrol officers who have endured this over the past three years are committing suicide because they are trying to stem the tide but forbidden by the Biden administration, Congress people like Marie who refuse to stop funding an open border,  and now the Supreme Court. I dare say they and their families, the ranchers and their families, the people of El Paso and other border towns do stay up at night, not to mention the people whose lives have been destroyed by illegal criminals. What a luxury for Marie not to be the least bit troubled.  What would it be like to have a representative who cared about our concerns, listened to us and voted accordingly?!

Joe Kent is concerned about the border situation. He does care, listens and will vote sensibly.

Ann Evans


— Editor’s note: No statistics in this letter have been verified.