Letter to the editor: Integrity of our democracy must be a priority for White House


My name is Michael and I am a business owner here in the Vancouver/Portland area. There are many urgent crises that are critical for the White House to address at the start of the next term. The integrity of our nation’s democracy needs to be among the first priorities.

We’ve seen rampant corruption and a disregard for ethics, accountability, oversight and rule of law that continue to plague our government.

For far too long, many Americans across the country have seen their franchise limited by a rise in pernicious voter suppression.

This election, voters made it clear that they want to have their voices and powers restored by advancing bold change in our democratic systems.

The Biden-Harris administration and our next Congress, including our U.S. senators and U.S. House of Representatives, must support the passage of H.R. 1, the For the People Act — a once-in-a-generation democracy reform package to clean up our political system, get big money out of politics, hold elected officials accountable for corruption, expand and protect voting rights, and create a democracy that is representative of all Americans’ voices and values. 



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