Letter to the editor: If Democrats take back the House, they will make this bad dream a reality


Under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution we have “the right to bear arms.” This means we, as Americans, don’t have to explain why we use or own guns.

Some people find joy in hunting, but what if I told you hunting wasn’t the main reason the Second Amendment was written? Some aren’t aware the Second Amendment was written not only to enjoy hunting, or even to protect yourself from harm, but the founders knew the dangers of big government and the challenges we’d face as a nation if we didn’t have the ability to protect ourselves from a takeover of big government down the road.

We’re now staring at an America many of us don’t recognize and won’t recognize in the future if we don’t stand now. President Joe Biden and the Democrats would love nothing more than to take the ability we have to protect ourselves and to protect our country from becoming totalitarian and welcoming the beginning stages of one-world government. Biden’s calling on Congress to ban assault weapons and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez will vote with Hakeem Jeffries to do it.

If Democrats take back the House, they will move on legislation to make this bad dream a reality.

For me, personally, this legislation can’t pass because while it’s imperative we all have a right to protect ourselves, the protection of my own life physically depends on someone else’s “right to bear arms” and our capability to exercise this right at any given time.

Being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, I’ve been given both a gift and a curse of having to put my faith and trust in people who can use whatever they must to protect me and their own life.

If this avenue of protection is taken away, how do we protect those who can’t protect themselves? Please think of the damage about to ensue if President Biden and his allies get their way as we enter 2024.

Carley Meuchel,