Letter to the editor: I ask for your support to make Clark County a place we can all thrive


I want to thank the voters of Clark County District 5. Whatever the outcome of this election, it has been my great pleasure to meet so many of you across this largely rural district. I appreciate your encouragement and openness in sharing your personal concerns with me. Thank you. 

As a nonpartisan candidate, I have heard from many that they care most about the place they live, making sure it is protected and their livability is not compromised rather than whether an individual affiliates with any particular political party.

Meeting people in their communities, at their front doors, along a parade route, at a town meeting or in a coffee shop; these encounters are important because they have shaped me as a candidate. I feel better able to serve District 5 for these many encounters. 

These are the concerns I heard most often, in no particular order:

Universally, people are concerned about development happening too quickly, without proper notice to those who will be directly affected, and having a negative impact on our quality of life, our roads, and our schools.

There is a concern about safety as rural areas are not being served because of the loss of deputies to patrol and respond to calls for help. 

Broadband is very much needed and the absence of accessible and reliable broadband has been a severe hardship as it is critical to accessing school, health care and other services as well as crucial to be able to work and create economic development in rural areas. 

Housing options and affordability are needed for young and old.

The permit process to build or start a business is cumbersome, costly, unpredictable and time consuming. And, the rules are not perceived to be applied equally. 

There are many rural entrepreneurs — family farmers, wineries, equine facilities, event venues, home enterprises. Rural land needs to be available for them to start and grow their businesses.

Many voiced concern about the availability of good clean water for our homes and farms. 

Protection of our forests, trails and natural resources are important to folks and they would like to see incentives for protecting these resources. 

Homelessness is a concern and needs to be addressed for safety and with compassion and resources that help folks into stable housing. 

I share your concerns.

Many of these issues can be addressed within the county’s comprehensive plan for growth which will be updated in the next three years. This plan is intended to be the community’s vision for their community. While these issues are complex and there are strong opinions on all sides, I am certain we can move forward in a more balanced way that meets the community’s needs.

I am a listener and a problem solver and not afraid of conflict. As a nonpartisan candidate, I am unencumbered by political baggage or motivated by personal grievances against the county. I ask for your support in making Clark County a place where we can all thrive.

Sue Marshall,