Letter to the editor: Fire levy lid lift will fund required service level improvements


Clark County Fire District 3 firefighters want to thank our Board of Fire Commissioners for placing a fire levy lid lift on the Aug. 1, primary election ballot. This is the first lid lift in six years and will improve the quality of emergency services for our community.

It also will fund required service level improvements due to growth and increasing call volumes. As we see our area growing, our fire district must provide service to its residents. It’s what we are sworn to do. The lid lift will enable us to increase staffing from two- to three-person engine companies. This is the minimum needed to legally start rescue operations.

We will also staff Station 34 on Rawson Road 24-hours a day. This will increase capacity districtwide and will reduce response times. Please take a moment to learn more at fire3.org. We appreciate you considering our request.

Charlie Campbell,

Battle Ground