Letter to the editor: Dump Jaime and hire Joe Kent


I have attended three town hall events and have listened intently to two of the three serious candidates running against our present U.S. representative in the 3rd district. Joe is by far the best choice for our vote in 2022.

I consider myself very well informed on past and current history and label myself as a Christian, constitutionalist, and conservative in that order. The Republican Party aligns closest to my ideology, but has been an extreme disappointment to me. The Democratic Party of the Scoop Jackson and JFK era no longer exists! What a shame and for what reason? Simply we have lost our Judeo-Christian based morality.

Joe spent 11 tours as a Green Beret/Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan in special forces. It’s safe to say he is fearless. He served with Christopher C. Miller, Trump’s last acting Secretary of Defense and was Joe’s commanding officer in combat and later in the CIA. Miller sent a two page endorsement for Joe.

Joe has an outstanding grasp of history and the current political environment in D.C. He is especially critical of our do nothing Republicans who fail to defend constitutional law. He had great answers and plans in his presentations. His two top priorities (as I heard) was: 1) election reform and 2) cutting specific funds to states that violate our Constitution (my summary.)

I urge you to look at his web page for a great bio: joekentforcongress.com.


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