Letter to the editor: Biden’s plan for America is dangerous


This election is about the fate of America and not about personalities. You are not voting for the man, but are voting for a philosophy.

Several weeks ago, Joe Biden was telling his plan for America should he get elected. Interestingly, this was on Fx but did not appear on any other television stations. 

The following is the plan he stated as I understand it 

• Raise taxes, not only on the corporations, but on everyone. 

• Stop all fracking. 

• Cut the police forces. 

• Stop due process. 

• Make America a sanctuary country. 

• End border control. 

• Grant citizenship to illegals. 

• Medical care for everyone living in the country. 

• Government to take over retirement accounts. 

• Abolish suburbs.

• Voting rights for anyone living here. 

Taxes will have to be raised to pay for the medical care that will be granted to “everyone,” including non-citizens. 

Stopping fracking will end the coal and oil industries, effectively putting millions out of work. Additionally, other industries that use oil products will end. 

You might think that cutting the police forces won’t bother you as you have guns. But wait a minute — they’re coming for your guns, too.

Due process. What the heck is that you might ask? Ever heard of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Heard about the right to trial by jury? Heard the right to face your accusers? Without due process in our laws and constitution, you can forget about all the rest. 

Making America a sanctuary country will open this country wide open to any and all, including gangsters, rapists and any and all criminals. Also, this will effectively end the border controls. 

Medical care for everyone is socialized medicine. Canada and the U.K. have socialized medicine. This is how it works in those countries. “Take a number.” If you are 65 or older, you go to the end of the line. If you have serious health problems, go to the end of the line. Why do you think Canadians come to the U.S. for medical care? 

Government takeover of all retirement accounts in the one that scares me the most. As a retired teacher, I have saved all my life in order to remain independent. The government would put all the accounts in one block like Social Security and then the government would decide how much you get. Be very afraid of this one! 

If, as Biden stated, the federal government takes over the running of our suburbs, you can expect to have no more single housing. Instead, you will have high density, low income housing throughout and have the crime rate just like Chicago. 

Voting rights for anyone living here is the liberal Democrat’s dream. This effectively would end the two party system in this country. Without the checks and balances of the two party system, we are then just like communist countries. Hello, the United States of China.

We are a country where government is controlled by the people with rights guaranteed by the constitution. I suggest that Democrats currently in power read the constitution. 

If, as the Democrats keep telling us, we are such a rotten and racist country, why are so many people in the world wanting to come to the United States of America?


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