Letter to the editor: America is designed to take the life out of you


I hate America. I hate that half of our country voted for a man twice who repeatedly made racist comments and slander online. I hate that I had to drive home and see residents of my town say that Biden lost and Trump is the second coming of Christ. I hate that it's the “land of the free'' but every single child is expected to live their life as a cog in the machine. Go to elementary school, go to middle school, go to high school, go to college, get a job, grow old, retire, die. My whole life is played out to be like everyone else. I pick sides, support those sides, and never learn about the other side.

Ignorance is bliss, but is it really? Where do we get if we never grow? I am going to college this year, and I feel that nothing has changed. My hobbies, my desires, my aspirations: they don't exist. America is designed to take the life out of you.

I read a few “letters to the editor,” and all of them were about problems. Not a single person talked about how they felt that a political policy, act or law was a good thing. It can all be reduced down to “American government is bad” because nothing good gets said. What is there to say about our country? About how there are people who believe that COVID-19 is a hoax, or that because Trump said to “drink bleach to cure the virus” we should do it? All my generation was left with was debt and hardly any opportunities to fix the country.

I am only 17, but I already have to think about how I am going to be happy in life, how my friends are going to eat every day, or how I am going to pay for college. Our whole country is an issue.

It does not ever help to know even more about America. Each day I see worse things: Nancy Pelosi investing in Tesla before Biden’s electric vehicle plan is announced, learning that our ex-president has had a multitude of allegations and might face prosecution, constant racism and large corporations who do absolutely nothing to support BLM except putting up an edited logo with a fist on it, or the ability for something like QAnon to be shared and people believe it. There are no solutions either, because the only way to solve it is to rid the people in charge, and our country is designed so that does not happen. 

You can say America is the best country, but I hate it.



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