Letter to the editor: A model citizen and a hero


While eating dinner and chatting with her friend and kids, my wife saved the life of another woman. 

According to her when she returned home, my wife Bella Roushall was eating and chatting with her friend and her kids when a commotion started happening behind her. Her friend said to her, I think that lady is choking. My wife turned to look and assess the situation. There was a woman that appeared to be choking. Her eyes locked with this lady’s eyes and she could see that she was in dire need of help, but no one was moving to help her. Without thinking about anything else, she knew she had to try to save her.

She quickly came to this lady’s side to ask her if she really was choking. The lady indicated with her hands that she was. Bella asked her if she could breathe. She shook her head ‘no.’ Bella then went behind her and applied the Heimlich maneuver several times until the obstruction came loose and was removed from her airway. The lady could breathe again. After a couple of minutes the lady recovered and was very grateful that Bella had saved her life. 

This act of calmness in the face of tragedy was just one of many that she has helped with over the years that I have known her. 

Another time we were on our honeymoon years ago, we were out on a snorkeling boat near Grand Cayman and she helped save a man that was drowning. 

Another time she saw an accident where the car rolled onto its top and the driver and passenger were trapped inside. She ran to their aid to help and keep them calm until help arrived. 

She is what I would call a model citizen and a hero.


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