In Loving Memory Of Rodica Radu 1967 ~ 2023


Rodica Radu of La Center, Washington, passed away on Sept. 13 at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas. She was only 55 years old. Exactly one week before her death, she had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer, which spread to her ribs and lungs. Her family is still in shock and disbelief at how quickly this tragedy unfolded. 

After waiting in line for US visas for 13 years, Rodica, her husband, Petre, and their loving daughter, Daria, were finally reunited in 2019 with the rest of Rodica’s family in the US: Rodica’s mother, sister and brother-in-law of Ridgefield and two brothers of California. 

Rodica was a very gifted and hardworking pastry chef and cake decorator. For the past four years, both she and her husband, Petre, who is a baker, worked relentlessly and passionately at a French local bakery. Not even COVID could stop them from their goal of buying their first house in the US and giving their daughter a place to call home, along with a chance at a better life. 

In 2022, their efforts paid off and their dream came true. They got a little house in La Center in a peaceful area surrounded by green landscapes, walking trails and birds chirping all day long. Rodica fell in love with this house because she loved the green trees, walking on the trails with her family and listening to the birds and frogs in the nearby pond. She also loved the stability this house would give her beloved daughter. Daria didn’t know English when she arrived in the US in 2019 and, as she went through a Newcomer school program, she already had to switch schools three times from third to fifth grade. But fiDaria was finally going to start middle school and finish it in the same place, which made her mother, Rodica, proud and really happy. 

Rodica was a fierce and loving mother. She was so proud of her daughter, and she loved Daria more than her own life. Rodica was also a devoted and loving wife, daughter and sister. She was loved and appreciated by her family, friends, work colleagues and all those around her who will miss her terribly. 

Her husband, Petre, will also miss her terribly, and he will struggle so much to pay for the funerals and keep their house (considering the mortgage loan was based on two salaries). It will be very difficult, if not a miracle, for Daria to follow her mother’s dream and finish middle school while in their yellow house. But miracles do happen. For donations/help, please contact Daria’s aunt, Irina, at 360-975-0016 or donate at, search “Funeral Fundraise for Rodica Radu.” 

Rodica is survived by her loving 13-year-old daughter, Daria; her husband, Petre; her mother, Alexandra; her sister, Irina; her brother-in-law, Tim; her brothers, Dan and Ionel; her sisters-in-law, Corina and Gabriela; her nephew, Adrian, and her niece, Diana. 

The funeral home is Northwood Park Funeral Home & Cemetery, 360-574-4252.