Letter to the editor: I fully support Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez and will continue to do so


The Third Congressional District is fortunate to have Marie Gluesenkamp Perez as our representative in Washington, D.C. Living in rural Skamania County, Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez understands full well the agricultural issues that face her neighbors and fellow constituents. And as a small business owner with her husband, Dean, she understands the challenges and frustrations other small business owners face every day.

Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez also earned and deserves respect for holding town hall events around the district where she faces her constituents to share her thoughts and to answer all questions face to face.

I fully support Rep. Gluesenkamp Perez and will continue to do so. She is the reasonable choice for the Third Congressional District.

Rich Raitano,

La Center


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  • HonestJoe

    Maire Gluesenkamp Perez will use the cloak of progressive politics to justify tax increases, ban firearms and more than likely, where possible, to continue vaccination mandates. She will continue to support unreasonable actions towards small businesses and individuals in a post Covid world where Climate Change and Transgenderism are the new civil rights issues for liberals going forward.

    Take note that Washington State never really came close to a pandemic status. It was all just media and political fear mongering. Hospitals were not overflowing with patients, people were not falling dead on the side walk. A pandemic is when emergencies require HAZMAT suits, and when disease stricken victims are piled up dead everywhere with mass burials. This clearly did not happen.

    Although now we have "died suddenlies" where the official narrative coming out may blame this on "long Covid" or climate change. People with more than 2 brain cells know what is really going on with that.

    As soon as we find a way to make elections paper based, with mandatory voter ID, the loony liberal dreamscape will come crashing down, and glassy eyed ideologues like Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, will not even come close to being elected. This is what keeps liberals awake at night. They know and most of un know that their crazy socialist/marxist dreams, where the only way to force that dream on the public is to rig and cheat at almost everything, is on a short timeline.

    Tuesday, March 7 Report this

  • JoannaA_WA

    Have you checked her voting history yet?? Maybe you should!

    Friday, March 10 Report this

  • Mackep

    Honestly Joe, you couldn't be further from the truth, I know it's a difficult concept these days for conservatives and you cower at the thought of conspiracies and shadow ops, but Marie is 1) an ardent 2nd amendment supporter-oh well, never said she's perfect, 2) Trump & the NRC have done a total flip-flop on vote by mail as they finally move into the new century, and 3) how in the hell can you accuse Democrats of being cheaters when republicans to this day defend Trump after his campaign of lying about the election and supporting an armed attack on the Capitol to overthrow a duly elected president? Call off your tired rhetoric about socialism etc, the mid-terms should have told you those dogs are too old and tired to hunt anymore.

    Tuesday, March 21 Report this