Howl-o-ween: Pooch parade brings joy to humans and canines


Local canines dressed in costumes were herded into the Battle Ground Community Center Thursday, Oct. 26, for the city’s second annual Howl-o-ween: Pooch Parade. This year, the city decided on a dog-costume contest.

The event brought together community members to celebrate Halloween a little early and differently in the spirit of the canine. Approximately 25 to 30 dogs in costume and their owners, some also dressed up, participated, Battle Ground Recreation and Facilities Manager Kim Cederholm said.

“We have a chicken. We have a cheerleader. We have all kinds of [costumes]. We have [Dr. Seuss characters] Thing 1 and Thing 2,” she said.

Five prizes in separate categories were awarded: Parks and Rec. Choice, People’s Choice, Most Unique, Best Duo and Best in Show.

Eric Thorstenson and his fiancee, Marjorie, dressed up with their son and great Dane in a Game of Thrones theme, which won the prize for Best of Show.

“We came out for it last year,” Thorstenson said. “... We enjoy Halloween and dressing up, and, of course, we love our great Dane,” Thorstenson said.

Thorstenson added the costume idea came from his fiance, Marjorie.

“I guess it was kind of her idea … We kind of thought the dragon would be fun with him, and we kind of obviously put together the group costume from that,” he said.

Kim Gribner said her costume depended on what her dog, Nala, was comfortable wearing. After trial and error, Nala settled on wearing a bull costume, so Gribner was a cowgirl.

“I love to dress her up and humiliate her,” Gribner said. “She’s just the perfect dog for things like this. She’s a good sport. … So I saw the bull outfit, and I bought it, and she seemed to do pretty well with it. Some of the other stuff I put on her, after a while, she tried to kick it off.”