Hockinson WAHSET program takes home plethora of medals in final meet of the year


The Washington High School Equestrian Team at Hockinson High School ended the regular season with a bang as the team brought home the District 6 medium team championship trophy after having the highest point average of any team at its final meet in April. 

“We are very proud of what we have accomplished (this year),” Head Coach Amy Coles said in an email to The Reflector.

Coles picked up the coaching reins earlier this year and helped lead the team to its 2021 victory through an unusual season. She said the team “didn’t have permission to practice” or the green light for the season until three weeks before the first meet, leaving little time to get back on track. 

Coles also said the team was smaller than usual with just 11 riders compared to a number in the “high 20s” in a regular year. 

“My husband and I had to step up and figure out what we were doing,” Coles said about coaching this year. “Ultimately, we had a fantastic season and met our goals.”

The 2021 team is made up of four seniors, two juniors, three sophomores and two freshmen. Nine out of the 11 riders qualified for the state tournament in Moses Lake over the 3rd weekend in June. District awards and state qualifiers on the team are: 

• Georgia Jensen, a senior, won a gold medal in barrels, a silver medal in figure eight, a bronze medal in steer daubing, a silver medal in team sorting, a reserve high point in timed events and qualified for state in two-man birangle because of two top three placings.

• Justin Packer, a senior, won silver in team versatility and bronze in in-hand obstacle relay (IHOR).

• Emily Livingston, a senior, won silver in pole bending, silver in freestyle fours/drill, and  bronze in IHOR.

• Kaylin Coles, a senior, won gold in reining, silver in freestyle fours, silver in team versatility, silver in working pairs, bronze in stock seat equitation, bronze in IHOR, a high point versatility buckle and qualified for state in working rancher.

• Maggie Skinner, a junior, won silver in freestyle fours and silver in team versatility.

• Anna DeRoos, a junior, won silver in freestyle fours, silver in working pairs and bronze in IHOR.

• Hailey Saeman, a sophomore, missed meet three, but qualified for state in barrels, figure 8, and two man birangle because of two top three placings in the first two meets.

• June Jensen, a sophomore, won silver in team sorting and qualified for state in barrels.

• Braden Roth, a freshman, won silver in team versatility.

Meet 3 results: 

• Huntseat - Anna DeRoos (6th)

• Trail - Trent Roth (10th)

• Reining - Kaylin Coles (1st in all three meets), Maggie Skinner (8th), Anna DeRoos (9th)

• Saddle Seat - Braden Roth (3rd)

• Showmanship - Justin Packer (8th)

• Working Rancher - Justin Packer (3rd), Trent Roth (7th), Braden Roth (8th)

• Steer Daubing - Kaylin Coles (3rd), Braden Roth (4th), Anna DeRoos (5th), Georgia Jensen (8th)

• Barrels - Georgia Jensen (3rd)

• Figure 8 - Georgia Jensen (5th)

• Pole Bending - Ali Domingos (6th), Emily Livingston (8th)

• Individual Flags - Kaylin Coles (5th)

• Canadian Flags - Kaylin Coles, Maggie Skinner, Emily Livingston, Justin Packer (6th)

• Drill/Freestyle 4’s - Maggie Skinner, Kaylin Coles, Emily Livingston, Anna DeRoos (1st)

• In-Hand Obstacle Relay (IHOR) - Kaylin Coles, Justin Packer, Anna DeRoos, Emily Livingston (5th)

• Two-Man Birangle - Kaylin Coles, Emily Livingston (4th)

• Working Pairs - Kaylin Coles and Anna DeRoos (2nd),  Justin Packer and Emily Livingston (3rd)

• Team Versatility - Kaylin Coles, Justin Packer, Braden Roth, Maggie Skinner (2nd)

• Team Sorting - Kaylin Coles and Maggie Skinner (6th), June Jensen and Georgia Jensen (9th)


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