Fundraiser started for Ridgefield dog attacked by cougar in Oregon


A Ridgefield family’s dog is recovering from a cougar attack in Oregon and the family is raising funds to support the surgery after the pet lost an eye and part of its jaw from the encounter.

According to a GoFundMe page, Molly the dog was on a family trip to Lebanon, Oregon, when she was snapped up by a cougar who climbed into a tree. The father-in-law of Sophia Miller, Molly’s owner, took a rifle and shot at the cougar, and both animals fell to the ground. The cougar ran off and Molly was taken to a veterinarian in Corvallis.

“She has lost her left eye and part of her upper left jaw bone/teeth, but as long as she survives potential infection from the bite wounds she should make a full recovery,” Miller said in the GoFundMe. 

A second vetrinarian in Portland recommended the dog for surgery. 

The fundraiser is set for $10,000 for the animal. The fundraiser can be accessed online at gery-after-cougar-attack.