Fiber optic internet available in Woodland


Woodland now has 100% fiber optic internet service as Ziply Fiber announced it started service in the city this month.

As of Dec. 1, Ziply Fiber has provided service for Woodland allowing for gigabit-speed internet, the company announced. In the announcement, Ziply Fiber CEO Harold Zeitz said the company was proud to be servicing the city.

“We’re confident that residents and businesses will see immediate connectivity improvements when they sign-up for service on our brand-new fiber-optic network, and we are thrilled to make Woodland our next gig-speed city,” Zeitz said.

The company does not have data caps or annual contracts for residential customers, the announcement stated. 

Woodland’s new service is part of a half-billion-dollar investment over the next few years by Ziply to provide fiber optic internet to suburban and rural communities in the Pacific Northwest, according to the announcement. The company started actively building its infrastructure in the region in June 2020 and plans on deploying new fiber-optic cables, local hubs, new offices, and new hardware to run the network as part of hundreds of additional projects across its 250,000-square-mile footprint.

Based in Kirkland, Ziply offers fiber optic internet and phone service for residential and business customers, the announcement noted.

Those looking to see the service’s availability are directed to head to