Family has had five generations in Hockinson School District


The third generation of her family to have gone to school in the Hockinson School District, 52-year-old Donna Aho said a lot has changed in the schools over the years.

Aho’s great-grandmother, Clara Hall, was born in 1875 and went to school in Brush Prairie in a one-room school on 119th Street and 132nd Avenue. She married Henry Matson, and Clara’s son Lewis Edward Matson (Ed) was born on the family farm on Ward Road and lived there his entire life from 1905 to 1986. Ed attended school first through eighth grade at Fifth Plain School on Davis Road and 192nd Avenue.

Aho said Ed had a daughter, Virginia Kinonen (Matson), who was also born on the farm on Ward Road. She attended school in the old school building in Hockinson for grades one through seven, and moved into the news building, which is now the middle school, for eighth grade in 1951. Virginia is now 75 and Donna Aho (Kinonen) is her daughter.

Aho went to school at Hockinson grades first through eighth. First grade was at the middle school and she said she was in second grade when the new school was built up the hill, now the intermediate school. Aho was a part of the first class to graduate as an eighth grader and go to Battle Ground High School to start ninth grade. Aho also has a daughter, Adalene.

Adalene Curtis (Aho) attended Hockinson schools from first to eighth grade. The expansion of the intermediate school happened while she was attending school. Curtis is 28 years old and has a daughter, Mariah Curtis.

Mariah began school in the Hockinson School District in September 2011.