BGPS students chosen for North County Honor Band


Students from Battle Ground Public Schools (BGPS) were named to the North County Honor Band Feb. 3.

A selection committee composed of local band directors reviewed applications and selected students based on their musical accomplishments. Students selected for the North County Honor Band receive a music education experience that challenges them as musicians while working with esteemed guest conductors and performing alongside peers from neighboring school districts, according to a press release.

The following students were selected for this year’s Honor Band:

Amboy Middle School

Peyton Heffner and Connor Hokanson

Chief Umtuch Middle School

Harmony Calloway, Gavin DeMoss, Driggs Hemming, Buda Huynh, William Johnstone, Elijah Lennick and Joshua Postupak

Daybreak Middle School

Trinity Abbott and Annaliese Betts

Laurin Middle School

Abby Harp and Kenya Merrick

Pleasant Valley Middle School

Gibson Lueck

Tukes Valley Middle School

Tanner Cavazos, Evelyn Gaudet, Joe McKnight, Jackson Pierce, Hunter Robertson and Lincoln Toland

Battle Ground High School

Grady McHenry, Hayden McCarty, Paige Ladd, Leo Amoruso and Temprance Gillis

Prairie High School

Callan Bixler, Daniel Castle, Brodie Collins, Natalie Coughran, Alijah Machida, Haleigh Rich, Henry Thoma, Tova Orth, Seth Hartrim-Lowe, Ruth Sprenger, Brockton Suppes, Aubrey Grier, Lauren McCombs and Emalyn Pierce