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BATTLE GROUND – Ever since he was a young child, 18-year-old Daniel Monroe said he was gifted with the ability to sense people’s emotions and to feel the presence of a spirit, or what some people may call a “ghost.”

As a child, however, Daniel didn’t quite understand his gift and wasn’t interested in communicating with spirits, as the idea seemed scary to him. As time went on, his gifts continued to grow.

The youngest of seven children, Daniel moved out on his own at the age of 17 and soon after moved in with his fiance, Jared. Daniel, still curious and unsure of his gifts, eventually heard about something called a spiritual healer and decided to pay a visit to one. It was at that meeting, when Daniel was talking about his grandfather who had passed away the night he was born, that he felt a strong and familiar father-like presence.

“I closed my eyes and asked him who he was and as soon as I asked, tears began rolling down my face,” Daniel recalls. “He started apologizing for things that happened between my father and I and took full responsibility and told me not to be angry or hold anything against my father.”

After this conversation with his deceased grandfather, Daniel said he felt like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders and the tension between he and his father began to fade, and he began to look at life and situations very differently.

“A spirit is kind of like a dog, once you notice one and let it in, they all start coming,” Daniel said.

Daniel then immediately knew that he was supposed to use his gift to help reconnect people with their loved ones and help them release those burdens they might be holding onto. In October of last year, began doing sessions with people professionally as a psychic medium at his location in the Battle Ground Village, 1109 SE Rasmussen Blvd. Since then, he said he has done more than 400 readings connecting people with their loved ones on the other side.

So, how does it work if you’d like Daniel to do a reading for you? Daniel said clients first book a session by calling or going online to his website. He will often ask that the client bring something that belonged to the person they are trying to connect with. Daniel will use sage to clear the energy of the room and then will sit down and “ground” himself, making sure his mind is clear and that he is ready to open himself up to the spirits. When Daniel is ready to allow the spirits in to communicate with him, he will indicate that to them by taking off his engagement ring.

“When I first started this, I was scared, I had no clue what I was doing,” he said. “I had to learn to set boundaries so the spirits wouldn’t come to me all the time. I use my ring to set boundaries. I let the other side know that when I take my ring off, I’m open to them. But, when I have it on, that’s when I’m trying to go about normal life.”

Daniel said he always first explains the process with his ring to his client. He then opens himself up to feel the presence of whoever is departed who the client is trying to connect with. Sometimes, a different loved one who has passed away might come through first or, if both a husband and wife are meeting with Daniel, sometimes a departed family member or friend of each of them will try to communicate through Daniel at the same time. Daniel recalls a funny reading when he did have a husband and wife come in, and both the husband’s departed father and the wife’s departed mother began communicating with Daniel at the same time.

“Sometimes I have to tell other spirits to just sit down and wait their turn,” Daniel said, laughing.

Daniel said his favorite sessions are ones that he has with people who really care, people who are completely in tears by the end of their session and who feel the relief of a weight being lifted off of them.

“It really helps a lot of people,” Daniel said. “Sometimes, for example, if someone has a child who committed suicide, they might carry around this thought that the child is in hell or someone might carry around a lot of guilt that maybe they didn’t say goodbye or they didn’t treat the person the way they felt the should have when they were alive. It’s a huge relief for people to get to connect with their loved ones again and know that they are still a part of your life. They get that chance for relief and validation and it’s like a burden is lifted.”

Daniel described that one of the beautiful things about spirit (the other side) is that there is no judgment and no hatred.

“I get calls all the time from people telling me ‘I saw your face in my dream’ or ‘I saw your phone number in my dream and need to have a session with you,’” Daniel said. “There’s no judgment with whoever walks through my door, everyone is always so welcoming.”

When Daniel first started doing professional readings at his Battle Ground location, he said he was maybe doing about four readings each month, seeing maybe one to three clients each week. Currently, however, he said he’s booked about two weeks out. He only accepts two clients per day, as he said it takes quite a bit of energy out of him to do the readings.

He also does group readings at some different locations, including a client’s home if they wish to have a group reading done. During a group reading, Daniel said he opens himself up to any spirits that may want to connect with people in the group, so not everyone is guaranteed a reading, it just depends on what spirits come through.

Daniel is planning to do a local tour coming up soon, performing readings at a few different places, including Literary Leftovers book store in Battle Ground, among others.

“I never saw myself doing something like this,” Daniel said. “I always knew in my heart I was going to be someone, but never in a million years did I think it would be this. It’s not all easy, my parents don’t like what I do. I’m not your normal medium, I’m 100 percent me, Daniel Monroe. My gifts are constantly growing and with me only being 18, they’re only going to continue to grow.”

For more information on Daniel and to book a session, visit his website at or call him at (971) 276-8807.


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