Battle Ground Apothecary marks 10 years of business

Shop specializes in ‘natural healing’ herbs and supplements


Battle Ground Apothecary has reason to celebrate next month, as October marks 10 years since owner Diana Davidson purchased the business specializing in supplements, herbs and tinctures.

To commemorate a decade in business, Battle Ground Apothecary will hold weekly drawings on a “wellness bundle” on Wednesdays in October alongside other giveaways, weekly specials and tea samples.

Davidson bought the business in 2011 after working at it for several years. In 2015, the business moved to its current location on Northeast First Avenue.

“Battle Ground has grown so big, we’re always getting new customers, as well as our old clientele,” Davidson said.

She explained her business offers naturopathic remedies designed as an alternative to conventional medicine.

“(Conventional) practitioners wait until something’s wrong and then give you medicine for that, but it doesn’t build up your system so it can take care of itself,” Davidson said. “Our bodies are amazing machines if they’re given the right gas, so to speak.”

Davidson said some customers supplement their treatments from their conventional practitioners with what’s available at the business. She said the apothecary also refers customers to practitioners if they have the need for more focused care.

Davidson’s interest in naturopathy came about at a young age, when she spent summers with her Native grandmother.

“We didn’t have a lot of money back in those days. You didn’t go to the doctor all the time, so you have to learn how to take care of yourself,” Davidson said.

Like other businesses, Battle Ground Apothecary was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, but the disease brought in more business rather than keeping it away. Davidson reasoned the pandemic spurred people to take their health more seriously, leading many to come to her store for solutions.

“People are (realizing) the fact they need to build up their system so they don’t get affected so much in the first place,” Davidson said.

Looking back on a decade in business, Davidson doesn’t take for granted her good fortune on being able to do something she loves.

“I’ve got one of those jobs where I ‘get’ to go to work every day. I don’t ‘have’ to go to work,” Davidson said. “Everybody that we’ve met is kind of like family over the years.”

She is grateful for the decade of community support her business has received.

“I want to thank the public — a heartfelt thank you — for keeping us strong and keeping us here (and) supporting us so we can support the health of the community,” Davidson said. “That’s just important to me. That’s stuff my grandmother taught.”

Battle Ground Apothecary is located at 314 NE First Ave. Suite 101, Battle Ground, and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The business can be reached by phone at 360-687-2597 or online at


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