AMPM Heating and Cooling utilizing new ideas and expanded services


AMPM Heating and Cooling provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) service for both residential and commercial systems. The company has existed since 1986, but last November Aaron and Rea VanSchoiack bought the company and has since expanded the operation.

Aaron VanSchoiack comes from a business growth and development background, he said.

“So I saw this as an opportunity because I know it’s a big market in Clark County,” VanSchoiack said. “So when we bought, the company had no employees in November. It was just the seller. He was the only technician and his wife was the bookkeeper. So now we have three technicians currently out in the field. I’ve got a service manager and then we’ve got a couple of guys that do our installs, so if your system is bad and you need a replacement, we have a crew for that.”

VanSchoiack is utilizing the subscription service model for priority scheduling.

“So we actually offer a service club membership, which not all HVAC companies do. And the importance of that is with that membership, you get priority of scheduling,” VanSchoiack explained. “So let’s say you break down and it’s July, right? And nobody can get out there. Well, if you’re one of our club members, you go right to the front of the line with the other club members. You get a 15% discount on any repairs that are needed and then a 10% discount on system replacement if needed.”

Included in the membership are two complimentary visits a year, which involves a full system performance inspection. VanSchoiack added that those complimentary inspections occur in the fall before the heating season and then in the spring before the cooling season.

“Now, one thing with having your equipment maintained and your coils cleaned and everything operating correctly is it uses less energy,” VanSchoiack said. “So it runs as efficiently as it can, costing you less on your energy bill, and this equipment has been shown to last up to 30% longer when it’s regularly maintained versus people that don’t have any maintenance done on their HVAC equipment.”

AMPM’s services include ductless mini split systems, furnace installation and repair, heat pumps, air conditioning installation and repair and the comfort membership.

The company’s website lists the service club membership price as $24.99 per month per system plus $4.99 per month if one has an air conditioning or heat pump.

VanSchoiack added that with the service membership plan, customers gain confidence that their units will perform during heat waves.

On April 6, AMPM Heating and Cooling announced on its Facebook page that it is now an authorized American Standard dealer, allowing it to sell and install thermostats, furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning units by American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning.

AMPM Heating and Cooling services a broad area from Longview to Portland and everything in between by being based out of Brush Prairie.

To find out more about AMPM Heating and Cooling, visit ampm and check out its Facebook page by searching AMPM Heating and Cooling. The company can be reached by calling 360-975-7747.