All Natural Pet Supply offers ‘cat hotel’ for boarding services


All Natural Pet Supply in Battle Ground opened a cat hotel earlier this year to provide a boarding facility for pet owners when they head out of town.

General Manager Kymber Webb loves what she does especially since she gets to spend time with the cats who come through the door.

“We have seven rooms that are two different sizes just for cats that need to be boarded overnight,” Webb said. “We have people who have stayed up to a month at a time. A lot of people like to board their cats during the Fourth of July so that their cats don’t escape from the fireworks.”

More pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year, according to Webb, due to the startling nature of the fireworks.

Webb said the cat hotel provides the animals with a calm environment and also provides staff a chance to love on the cats during their stay.

Webb said other cat hotel locations, like ones in Vancouver, are often booked out over six months in advance. As of right now, Webb said the rooms at her cat hotel have not yet been filled to capacity.

The facility is designed to keep the cats occupied, while also giving them the space they need.

“Every room (in the cat hotel) has structures for playing, climbing, or scratching,” Webb said. “Our team goes back there multiple times during the day and cuddles and brushes the cats who enjoy that. We let them out and we got a room that they can go out to with cats of their own household and play during the day.”

She said all of the rooms include multiple beds and blankets. There’s also “sky boxes” that reach up to the ceiling for the cats to explore. Each room can hold up to three cats from the same household.

Webb said some cats paw at the door on their first day and are ready to play with staff, while others take a couple of days to warm up to the people caring for them. 

“All of the cats we’ve had so far, by the end of the stay, they’re pretty friendly with the staff and taking treats from us and stuff like that,” Webb said.

Since the cat hotel opened in April, Webb said they have received positive feedback. The pet hotel is located within the All Natural Pet Supply storefront. Webb said some of the brands the store carries offer specials to those who utilize the boarding facility, like free bags of kibble or raw food. She hopes other brands will follow in the same footprints to bring more offers to pet owners.

“A lot of our brands from within the store are really supporting the hotel and customers who stay in it,” she said. “I think we’ll pretty regularly be having promotions crossed between the cat hotel and the store, because we really want to take care of the people (whose cats) are staying here as much as we can. The more we can build a community around it, I think the better.”

The luxury suite costs $35 a night, while the larger deluxe studio is $45 a night. There’s a minimum of a two-night stay required. If the stay is longer than two weeks, the customers receive a 10% discount, Webb said.

All Natural Pet Supply is located at 1910 W. Main St., Suite 104, Battle Ground.