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When the county charter was proposed, Kimsey wrote voter pamphlet info that some considered favorable to the charter. See When proposed charter revisions by a group of mostly liberal authors were put on the Nov. 2021 general election ballot, there were no arguments against the 10 charter amendments on the ballot, only for arguments were included in the voter's pamphlet. .Auditor Kimsey blamed citizens for not getting involved, which is true. I would also like to see the local governments including the county, and the elections office, and local news sources do more to let citizens know about the opportunity to submit arguments for or against a ballot measure, and allow more time for residents to get involved. Sometimes the window of time to join a committee for or against a measure is short or at an unexpected time, and is then missed. Sometimes news sources get the info about the deadlines, and don't publish them.

From: Lawsuit filed against Clark County auditor over primary ballot inclusions

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