Letter to the editor: Other side has different opinions, not evil intentions


In broad terms, hyper-partisanship can be defined as when someone in one party says that the other party is all that is bad or when they say that our party is all that is good. It’s when one party is blamed for all that is wrong in the country or that one party can fix everything that is wrong in the country. Such was the letter to the editor from James Kissee in the Aug. 11 edition of The Reflector.

We can also recognize this when propaganda terms like socialists, Nazis, commies, pedophiles or worse are used to describe the other party. Propaganda is defined as lying on a big scale and doing this so often that people begin to believe those lies and not the truth.

Since he ended with the national debt, I will add my opinion to his. Both major parties are at fault. When the Democrats spend more than what is budgeted or taken in tax, this creates debt. When Republicans give a major tax break or cut that reduces tax revenue but does not back that up with equal reductions in budget and spending, this creates debt. 

If there really was the desire and political will to fix the debt problem, or to make things better for all Americans, we could start by recognizing the other side only has different opinions and not evil intentions.


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