Letter to the editor: Judge Zimmerman is a hero


I am writing in regards to accusations against Judge Zimmerman being a racist. This could not be farther from the truth. I met Judge Zimmerman many moons ago after moving to Vancouver in 1995. I was intrigued with his knowledge of the laws and his many relationships with people all over Clark County. I am amazed at the many letters of commendations he receives and the fact that he’s been Washington state’s Judge of the Year a few times. But mostly I was impressed with his dedication, and the eager and tireless work he puts into the veterans court. He spends all his time off as a judge looking and gaining support for our veterans. Judge Zimmerman should be a decorated icon with all the wonderful things and support he gives to our community. As a minority who participates in large parties for islanders locally, I can attest that this man is definitely not a racist! Quite the contrary, actually. He would join all our brown-skinned folks at the Chamorro Fiesta in Camas. He mingles, laughs, and listens to their stories, and shares some of his own at the same time. Judge Zimmerman is a hero. I just wish people would quit being so quick to judge and destroy a good man’s history and work with the people in Clark County. Judge Zimmerman would leave a great gap in the justice system should he retire, we are blessed to have him! #EmbraceZimmerman


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