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Editor’s Note: Reader Tom Regan asked to write this guest commentary in response to a previous column by Reflector columnist Brian Mittge, who was critical of Donald Trump. The Reflector’s Opinion pages are open to all. Requests for guest commentaries can be sent to Letters to the editor, which should be limited to 500 words or less, can be sent to

A few years back there was a rabbi, a Hindu priest and a congressman traveling together through Nebraska.  

Seeking lodging for the night, they discovered the hotels were completely full because of a convention that was in town. They decided to knock on a farmer’s door to see if they could sleep in the barn. The farmer said, “sure, help yourselves.” Ten minutes later, the rabbi came knocking on the farmer's door and said, “I can’t sleep in the barn because you have a pig in there and that’s against my religion.” The farmer said “OK, you can have the upstairs bedroom.” Ten minutes after that, the Hindu priest came knocking and said, “I can’t sleep in the barn because you have a cow in there and that’s against my religion.” The farmer said, “OK you can have the other bedroom, now good night.”   

Ten minutes later there was another knock on the back door. Getting really irritated, the farmer furiously opened the door, and there stood the cow and the pig.

I relate this joke because I too share the same sentiments as the cow and the pig — total disgust for congress, especially this bunch that is currently in Washington D.C. 

By the time you read this, former president Donald Trump will have been impeached again and probably convicted. Why? Because they can. They have the majority.  

They say he incited a riot, encouraging people to tear through the Capitol building and destroy things. People died on both sides. Have you taken a ride through downtown Portland lately?  

You can cross it off the list of major American cities. It’s done. Put a fork in it.  

No one in their right mind would start a business in Portland. You might as well change the name to Plywoodville or Fecesland. Same with Seattle, New York City, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Louisville and on and on.  

All were destroyed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists, except those riots were approved by the Democratic mayors that controlled them.  

Heck, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler even joined sides with the rioters. This selective enforcement of the law only makes the law irrelevant and a joke. I say to Congress, “How does it feel?”  

You gave tacit approval for the riots all summer, and now you are shocked rioters ransacked the Capitol building?  

To be sure, Trump has a lot of character flaws. I mean a lot of character flaws. He is full of pride, arrogance, abrasiveness and for a sophisticated billionaire from NYC, he talks like a truck driver.  

But he is also not a politician, which is why I like him. 

Like one guy said, he swings through D.C. like King Kong, destroying everything in his path. He clearly loves America, and this is important. The other western democracies are too small to stand against an aggressive Russia and Communist China.   

Remember when Obama said “those jobs are gone and they are not coming back.” Trump brought them back. Obama said “you didn’t build that.” Trump said let them keep some of their own money and they can build anything.   

Trump enabled the fracking industry, and now our price of gas is among the lowest ever. We even export oil and gas. By lowering the price of oil, Trump has cut off Iran and Russia at the knees. They don’t have the money to finance terrorism throughout the world, except for the money that Obama gave them in pallet loads. Remember that?  

Prior to COVID-19, Black and Hispanic unemployment was the lowest ever. Four million people left the food stamp rolls. The stock market has been on a tear. How did he do this? By letting us keep more of our own money.  

He defeated ISIS and is pulling us out of Afghanistan. He built 450 miles of border wall to slow down illegal immigration. He negotiated new trade deals with the rest of the world that benefited us and not them. He exposed the danger of Communist China. 

Trump is the best pro-life President, bar none. I have a question for you. If Black Lives Matter, then why is there abortion? If science is settled about global warming, then what does science say about a woman who is pregnant? Is she carrying a human being or not? Why do we condemn innocent babies to death and then free guilty murderers? What does the science say about changing your sex based upon your feelings? Or your skin color based upon how you wish to identify? Or don’t chromosomes matter anymore? 

I don’t write these things to provoke or insult anyone but they are legitimate questions. The answer is that we were never given the right to decide these matters. Only God has this right, not mankind. 

In the meantime, I prefer to sleep with the cow and the pig.


Tom Regan was born in New York City and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 46 years. He’s a former Southwest Washington business owner. 


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