You have to go no further than Pelosi to see where the liberals stand. She is one of the evilest people on the planet and they love her. When you like someone this evil, it shows you are either very ignorant or have mental problems.

The writer of this letter does not know what they are talking about. Almost 100% of what is written is just plain BS.

If Biden is elected, this country as we know it will no longer exist. The democrats do not care about this country and will destroy it in order to get their way.

If the ability to teach the 3 R's, (reading, writing and arithmetic), is any indication of how sex education will be taught in our schools, the grade will be a resounding F!

High fives to President Trump. The liberals are a bigger threat to our freedom than any foreign power. They buy votes from the lowest forms of society and without them, they would be lucky to hold any office.

The writer of this letter is very wrong. I have no use for BLM or the NAACP, which are more racist than any whites I know. After the last few months as far as I'm concerned BLM lives do not matter. Because of these two extremely racist groups, BLM and NAACP, I have become more racist than…

Creepy Joe Biden, the hair sniffer will probably enjoy "cuties".

Just another "hate Trump" liberal.

Unfortunately, the author of the letter is listening to left wing radicals like Wyden from Oregon along with CNN and the other Republican hating news media. Trump could double his retirement pay and he'd still hate him because he is a Republican.

Great letter. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of our public school teachers care about the student's education. The teacher's unions do not care about education, only collecting union dues. Most of our teachers do not teach, they brainwash. They intimidate the kids into believing t…