Ridgefield photographer prints on various mediums


Fans of art and nature in north Clark County need acquaint themselves with the photography work and products of Ridgefield’s Nancy Jacobson. 

Jacobson, 56, runs her own business, Nancy J’s Photo Creations, which offers stand-alone photos and various products with her photos printed on them. Such products include clothes, notebooks, shower curtains, pillows, cards, bags, tapestries and more alike. Through manufacturing connections, Jacobson’s photos can also be printed on metal, wood and aluminum materials.

Jacobson said her passion for photography began after having twins.

“I started taking pictures of them all the time,” she said. “That’s how I sort of got into it all. Then eventually in 2013 I started the business.”

Jacobson said as her twins grew older she shifted her focus toward shooting nature. She said her photography skills are self taught. The only instructional learning in her photography journey were some basic photo editing techniques while in college, although she said even that knowledge has been attained mostly via her own trial and error.

Early on, Jacobson used a Panasonic point-and-shoot camera and today remains fairly low-key in that realm of her work. Currently she utilizes Canon and Nikon cameras. 

“I’m definitely more into the artistic side of photography than the technical side,” Jacobson said. “Some people will talk all day about camera equipment and I’m just not into that.”

Jacobson enjoys utilizing techniques sometimes deemed old-school.

“It’s all about just being patient and finding the right angles,” she said. 

Jacobson said most all of her pictures are taken “anywhere from here (north Clark County) to the beach.” 

“My hope is that people can see through my photos, that you don’t have to go far from here to see beautiful things,” Jacobson said.

Occasionally Jacobson shoots pictures while on vacation or at zoos. At zoos her photos are taken from anywhere someone with a standard entry ticket could go.

“They’re all taken behind the glass or fences,” she said. “I usually go at odd hours when there’s not as many people. Like I said, getting creative is the key.”

Jacobson’s work is accessible online at her Nancy J’s Photo Creation Facebook page as well as etsy.com/shop/NancyJCreates and amazon.com/handmade/NancyJCreates.

Jacobson said her work also appears throughout the year at various art exhibits. Right now she has an exhibit being featured at Sportsman’s Steakhouse & Saloon in Ridgefield.