Renowned floral designer has tips for this coming holiday season


Frank Blanchard is a renowned gardener and decorator who has worked for people like Oprah Winfrey and members of the British and Spanish Royal Family.

Blanchard is also part of the American Institute of Floral Designers and the founder of Think Flower Media. 

As the holiday season quickly approaches, he shared some advice about decorating for the upcoming holiday season to make a home look lavish with what people already have. 

Blanchard said both big and small businesses are being impacted by the supply chain shortage and the holiday season will only exacerbate it further. 

“No matter what store you’re going to, if you see something you like, no matter where it is, buy it when you see it,” Blanchard said. “That’s because very likely, that might be all that store is going to get and have on hand for the whole holiday season. It’s not like they have more in the back room or more is coming.”

Blanchard said decorating a house with things people like as well as Christmas-specific decorations adds a personal flair.

In a video he did with Main Street Floral Company in Battle Ground, Blanchard shows a tree he decorated using non-Christmas items like a green mushroom ornament and also goes in-depth about other ideas. On the tree, he hangs a terrarium with a plant inside. He said adding houseplants to a home helps build its aesthetic. 

A more subtle design works better for certain people.

“When it comes to Christmas decorating, not everybody wants a screaming loud Christmas decor tree that’s all red, white and glittery,” Blanchard said in the video. “Sometimes we like a little quieter, subdued look.”

Blanchard said people shouldn’t be afraid to utilize things they already have on hand. While decorating for the holiday season, he said, you can get a Christmas look without necessarily using something that is considered a Christmas item. 

At the top of the tree in the video, Blanchard didn’t use a typical Christmas bow to decorate it, something he tries to avoid. Instead, branches and other items are located at the top. Blanchard said that enables people to hang items in a way that would create an immersive experience. 

“Ornaments don’t necessarily have to be on the tree itself,” he said. “If you have branches coming out of the top, you can hang ornaments there as well.”

The ribbon wrapped around the tree in the video also isn’t Christmas-themed.  Instead it’s a gold linen burlap with wired edges, which he describes as non-descript. Another emerald ribbon is something people can buy at craft stores. 

Aside from decorating for well-known celebrities, Blanchard was the lead designer at Topper’s European Floral Design at the Four Seasons Olympic Hotel in Seattle. He was also a WSU Master Gardener. His career has spanned 30 years. For more information about Blanchard and his work, visit

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