Psychotherapist to open office in Woodland


When The Reflector first spoke with Stacie Crochet in 2015 she had just moved to Woodland from Austin, Texas with husband Phil.

Since then, for almost the last two years, Crochet has ran a successful psychotherapy practice in Vancouver, with a “full caseload for the past 17 months.”  She told The Reflector at the time that although she knew she couldn’t change the world, she was striving to make her corner of it a better place through her work.

Now,  if things go according to her plan, that corner is about to get a little smaller.

Starting in January she will begin phasing her business into Woodland, with the hope of working permanently there and closing her office in Vancouver. 

Her original plan was to work out of Vancouver and offer house calls in Woodland, but she feels the community will better respond if she has an office within the city. Starting out, her practice will be based out of the A Better Choice, primarily the office of Naturopath and Midwife, Adeline Kell, where she will rent an office space.  

Crochet plans to start with one day a week in Woodland, the second week of January, and gradually add days as her practice grows there — she already has two clients booked.

Crochet is also motivated to phase into Woodland full time because the community is now home to her and has grown to know and enjoy the people who live there. 

“I live in Woodland — I just feel a part of that community,” she said. 

Furthermore, Crochet sees a need for more mental health options in Woodland. She explained that other than Columbia Wellness, which is a public facility — where she serves on the board — there are no other therapists in Woodland. 

When a fellow therapist and friend of hers opened an office in La Center and is now practicing there full time, it further inspired Crochet to pursue a Woodland location. 

“Woodland deserves a therapist if La Center can do it,” she said.   

Crochet said based on her own experiences of working in a small town, people can sometimes shy away or be afraid to seek treatment from a therapist because they have doubts about confidentiality. She explained this is an issue she takes seriously and hopes to be a local resource for mental health and gain the community’s trust in the process. 

Crochet has been a licensed clinical social worker for over 23 years, a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, certified Advanced Addiction Counselor and is a board certified diplomate in clinical social work. She earned a bachelors of Social Work from the University of Texas and Master of Social Work from Florida State University. 

She has worked in schools, nursing homes, a police department and psychiatric hospitals. She specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for mood, anxiety and sleep disorders, along with substance abuse and eating disorders. Crochet also works for the Washington State Department of Transportation as a Substance Abuse Professional


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