Opdahl Chiropractic organizes promotion to help skilled laborers


In a show of appreciation for skilled workers, Opdahl Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine has launched a deal to help people who work in fields that require manual labor.

From Aug. 8 to Aug. 12, the four locations of the practice in Clark County will offer a $30 consultation exam and x-rays, if needed, to people who work in construction, or as electricians, plumbers, concrete layers, bakers, welders or seamstresses. 

The practice decided to run the promotion after Executive Director Monique Opdahl witnessed a construction worker in challenging conditions. 

“I was driving down the road and I was watching all of these guys pour concrete and it was super-hot. … They were working really hard,” Opdahl said. “I thought ‘gosh, those guys are being great workers and just doing so many good things.’”

Opdahl said she then witnessed a waitress who served over 20 tables while the family dined at a restaurant in the Orchards for a birthday dinner. 

When they asked her why she was working so hard the waitress said the restaurant was short-staffed. 

“Dr.  (Kolton) Opdahl and I were just talking and were like ‘you know, we can’t really just save the whole world, but what could we do to help these people?’” she said.

That’s when they decided to hold the promotion in an effort to do something kind and give back. 

“These guys are on their feet, they use their arms and legs and backs, and they just work really hard,” she explained.

Monique Opdahl encourages everyone who works in those fields and experiences neck, back, or knee pain, to come in and get assessed by one of the practice’s regenerative medicine or chiropractic doctors. 

She said oftentimes it’s hard for people to go to the doctor if they experience pain of that kind.  

“We talk to a lot of people these days where either one, getting off work is hard, or two, being able to afford it is hard,” Monique Opdahl said. 

She said the initial visit to a medical clinic or a provider is often the most expensive one, so the goal of the promotion is to “ease the burden” and help improve the workers’ quality of life. 

Kolton Opdahl, a co-founder of the practice, said the pandemic has also taken a toll on skilled laborers. He said sitting at home all day can exacerbate different injuries, especially when it comes to lower back pain. 

Those who are injured and are forced to stay at home a lot should speak to their doctor about potential home exercise routines that can lessen the amount of time a person is sitting, Kolton Opdahl said. Those routines can also help a person stay in shape, he said. 

Helping people is one of the things the Opdahls love about the work they do.

“I think the number one disability in America is back pain, so if we can help people get out of that, it’s very rewarding to get to help people,” Monique Opdahl said. 

The promotion will be held at each Opdahl Chiropractic location. 

The Battle Ground location is at 105 N. Parkway Ave., Suite 102, the Woodland location is at 650 Goerig St., the Hazel Dell location is at 318 NE 99th St., in Vancouver, and the East Vancouver location is at 16904 SE First St., Suite B.

The locations are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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