Only Quiring stands up for the people


This is urgent. Another wake-up call to citizens of Clark County. Here is your Merry Christmas gift from Clark County councilors Julie Olson, John Blom, Jeannie Stewart, and Mark Boldt: all continue voting for more horrible taxes on our citizens as they recently did again in the budget and the maximum property tax increase allowed by law. Our only hero is Eileen Quiring, who our citizens recently voted into office as our new chair. She voted no on these horrible tax increases. If the voters in District 2 had done their homework and voted for Elisabeth Veneman, Clark County citizens would have had two heroes voting no to more taxes, fees regulations, tolls, and more. In January 2019 Republican Precinct Committee Officers will be voting for three candidates that will be presented to the four council members and they will vote for the one they want to replace Eileen in District 4. Citizens, hopefully, we will get a replacement that will work with Eileen Quiring, unlike the others that were mentioned. Washington Citizens For Responsible Government warned you that if you did not elect Eileen Quiring as our chair and Elisabeth Veneman to replace Julie Olson in Clark County Council District 2 it would be a dark day in Clark County, and now that you voted Julie Olson back into office you will get more and more taxes, fees and regulations and do not be surprised if we get “Loot Rail” that our citizens have voted against for years. Also, most likely we will get tolls and the I-5 bridge replaced which will not improve rush-hour traffic flow and will cost a ton of money our citizens will pay for. Many elderly, middle class and poor are struggling and will have to sell or lose their homes because they can not keep paying these outrageous taxes we already have and keep getting heaped on us. 

On another note, are you happy that the citizens of Washington state pay more than $2 billion per year because of those that are in our state illegally? If you truly care, go to Washington state patrol’s most wanted list; all who are listed “birthplace unknown” are illegal aliens. 

One more request if you truly care: attend the Clark County Council meetings or at least watch them on Clark Vancouver TV to see what is going on and make phone calls and send e-mails and letters to the councilors.


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