North County riders shine at state WAHSET meet


The Reflector 

Washington High School Equestrian Team (WAHSET) state finals were held in Moses Lake May 18 - 20. Several young riders from local high schools placed in the top 10. 

Hunt Seat

4th: Lindsey Paul, Woodland

Hunt Seat Over Fences

3rd: Taylor Mackenzie, Hockinson 

10th: Gwen Bruck, Hockinson 

In Hand Trail

1st: Klair Thomas, Prairie  

6th: Ellie Newby, Woodland  

7th: Ellie Ballensky, Battle Ground 

9th: Sarah Snyder, La Center 

Trail Equitation

7th; Rachel Sherrell,  La Center  


1st: Stina Tapio, Hockinson 

6th: Jaimee Karpstien, Battle Ground 

7th: Lindsey Paul, Woodland 


3rd: Klair Thomas, Prairie  

5th: Addison Andrews, Woodland 

6th: Reese Black, Prairie  

8th: Alexandria McIntyre, Prairie  

Saddle Seat Equitation

1st: Lisa Biscieglia, La Center  

5th: Gavin Besteman, Ridgefield 


2nd: Lindsey Paul, Woodland 

3rd:  Tiarie West, La Center 

6th: Rachel Sherrell, La Center  

Stock Seat Equitation

5th: Lindsey Paul, Woodland  

7th: Jaimee Karpstien, Battle Ground,

9th (tied) Rachel Sherrell, La Center  

9th (tied): Sarah Snyder, La Center 

Working Rancher

4th: Stina Tapio, Hockinson 

6th: (tied) Jaimee Karpstien, Battle Ground 

6th (tied) Jessica Sayward, Woodland 


10th: Gwen Bruck, Hockinson 

Canadian Flag Race

9th: Prairie (Danielle Haner, Kayla McPartland, Alexandria McIntyre and Josie Olson)

Two Man Birangle

2nd: Battle Ground (Ashley Venneri and Julia Sadewasser) 

5th: Hockinson (Madison Gray and Mackenzie Taylor) 

8th: Hockinson (Briar Abbot, Bailey VanKoll and Kathryn Grover) 

10th: Battle Ground (Dana Waddell and Emma Massie) 

Working Pairs

2nd: La Center (Sarah Snyder and Rachel Sherrell)

7th: Hockinson (Briar Abbot and Caidyn Gentry) 

8th: Battle Ground (Ellie Ballensky and Jaimee Karpstien) 

In Hand Obstacle Relay

2nd: Woodland (Ellie Newby, Jessica Sayward, Lindsey Paul and Michael Johnson) 

3rd: Prairie (Reese Black, Danielle Haner, Josie Olson and Klair Thomas) 

8th: La Center (Lisa Biscieglia, Sarah Snyder, Rachel Sherrell and Tiarie West) 

9th: Hockinson (Justin Packer, Kaylin Coles, Gwen Bruck and Madison Gray) 

Steer Daubing

6th: Amelie Fraki, Hockinson 

Freestyle Fours

3rd: La Center (Lisa Biscieglia, Sarah Snyder, Rachel Sherrell and Tiarie West) 

8th: Battle Ground (Dixie Anderson, Dana Waddell, Emma Massie and Laurel Zaha) 

Freestyle 6+

5th: Prairie (Reese Black, Danielle Haner, Katrina Miller, Kayla McPartland, Alexandria McIntyre and Josie Olson) 

10th: Hockinson (Briar Abbot, Georgia Jensen, Madison Gray, Emily Nadel, Mackenzie Taylor and Emma Watson) 

Team Sorting

5th: Prairie (Josie Olson and Klair Thomas) 

6th: Battle Ground (Dana Waddell and Julia Sadewasser) 


9th: Linnea Fraki, Hockinson 


8th: Lilly Dunn, Woodland 

Figure 8

7th: Mackenzie Taylor, Hockinson  

Pole Bending

8th: Ashley Venneri,  Battle Ground 


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